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BLOG ENTRY 1 - 08/11/18

Your children’s safety is important to everyone. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but with the help of Wifiwall, you won’t need a village, only an app. Wifiwall has features such as blocking the Wi-Fi from certain devices forever (even if they turn the Wi-Fi on, it won’t connect) but you can also block it for a certain amount of time, for example, Wi-Fi can be blocked from 8pm to 7am, to insure that your child won’t be sneaking on any devices to watch movies, access social media, or, worse, watch, share or send explicit content. You can also block certain websites that you do not want your child to access.

Here are some stories from people who have lived without, and now, with wifiwall in their lives.

“I used to live on a farm, but when the going got rough, my wife and I had to move to the city. Then we had the twins, John and Stacey. They bring joy to me every day, but as time went on, Johnny and Stacey began to get moody and their bodies change. This is a part of life but John and Stacey were glued to their devices, and in this day and age, who knew what they were watching or sending! Then one day I discovered Johnathan watching explicit content. I did not know what to do. I asked friends, emailed counselling services but they all thought I was crazy, they said it was normal for a boy to be partaking in these satanic practices. Then, one day, a correspondent of Wifiwall contacted me and asked me to sample their app. Now, my children don’t have the chance to do any naughty things because I’m always around, and when I’m not, Wifiwall has my back”

-Steve Wheeler

“I love my daughter, don’t get me wrong, but there is a line and she has crossed it one too many times. At first, it was not too bad. She would stay up late on her phone, or go out very late at night, but then it got worse, she was sending explicit pictures to boys, she would stay out all night, and she did not go to school. One day it got the worst it had ever been. My ex-husband, (my daughter’s father) sent me a link to a dirty website. I did not open it for days thinking it was just some joke but then he called me and begged me to open it. It was a website advertising paid escorts and hookers, featured under the ‘naughty but nice’ page was my 16 year old daughter, horrified I grounded her, but she still had access to this life of sin at home, luckily Wifiwall was on the case, now she can only use the Wi-Fi when I’m at home, and even then, those types of websites are blocked too, by Wifiwall. Wifiwall saved my daughter. Coming soon to the app store”

-Abigail Smith


As you can see, wifiwall has helped many people, and will continue to do so in future years. We have built a good foundation for our company and will continue to change the lives of people all over the world.

By Reni Stein